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Antique Furniture Upholstery

Custom Interiors are fortunate to be able to offer highly skilled,

traditional upholstery services!

Do you have a favourite piece of antique furniture that could

do with some re-upholstering?

Then may be we can help..

We specialise in Antique & Traditional upholstery, which require a high level of accuracy, skill and craftsmanship. We have a large selection of traditional fabrics and leather samples for special pieces.

We’ll perform an initial evaluation of the piece and then provide expert advice and guidance so that you get the look you are after and a durable finish at a reasonable cost.

Our trained staff working on your furniture are highly qualified

and skilled so you are in safe hands!

We can restore anything from small pieces or specific areas of damage through to the complete renovation of larger pieces; getting the perfect result on every project is vitally important to us, regardless of scale.

For more information or for your free, no obligation quote contact us today!

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