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Getting Your Boat Ready For Summer

Here at custom Interiors & Covers we provide a quality custom marine upholstery service for a wide range of vessel types from boats, yachts, ribs and dinghies to canal and narrowboats. Whether you have a modern or classic vessel, large or small we can provide a tailored upholstery service from design to installation using the finest marine grade materials and fabrics.

We can supply a wide range of sundries, foams and materials for your custom project and also supply Vinyls, PVC, Acrylic and many other high quality materials.

With custom colours and trim you can really make your yacht or boat stand out from the crowd and make it feel extra special with our custom upholstery services. Whether traditional or contemporary our family run team have over 30 years experience in tailor marine upholstery to suit your style and needs. Get in touch or pop in to see our friendly team today!

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