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We can can re-upholster your furniture to original condition.

Why re-upholster, is it worth doing ? This is a question we are often asked.

It can be significantly cheaper than replacing with new, especially for quality brands of furniture


Sofa & Chair Re-upholstery


We’re all familiar with the scenario; the things we love the most ultimately suffer the effects of age, but we don’t want to part with them – instead we want to carry on making the most of our family sofa or favourite chair.

Re-upholstery gives you the option to do just that, and if you want to give your items the best possible treatment, then it makes sense to use ercol’s specialist re-upholstery service.

By reupholstering chairs and other key pieces, you can maintain the integrity of your beloved items and enjoy them for years to come.

Re-upholstery Brings Back The ‘wow’ Factor!


We can give your favourite furnishings a complete ‘makeover’, repairing any wear and tear and replacing fillings where needed, before meticulously finishing the new look with your chosen fabric.

They’ll be as comfortable and as good looking as the day you bought them, and with the huge choice of fabrics we offer we can either restore the original design or replace it with a brand new look.

Why throw it away when it can look brand new again?


There’s no need to say ‘goodbye’ to that furniture you love.

You can get years and years more enjoyment and relaxation out of it by re-upholstering.

In fact we’re very proud of the fact that many of the sofas and chairs we give a

makeover too came from us originally, many years previously.

We think that’s a real testimony to the quality of our furnishings and our re-upholstering!

Let us give you a free quote.

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