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Repairing Your Furniture

Spring Replacement

If your furniture no longer has the spring it use to have, We can give your furniture a new lease of life by replacing the internal springs, Broken or stretched springs in sofa seats are uncomfortable to sit on. Zig Zag springs can be replaced or refitted, traditional coil springs can be re-set or lashed. Large coil-sprung units which may begin to sag after several years can be re-tightened and the elastic webbing used in some modern furniture can be renewed. get in touch with us at Custom Interiors & Covers today and find out more about our Furniture Spring Repair Service!

Frame Repairs

You don’t have to put up with damaged or scratched wooden furniture. Whether the damage has been caused during a move, the family pets scratching a prized piece of furniture, or general wear and tear, we can help. Here at custom Interiors & Covers we are able to advise you on the results that can be achieved. The original finish and type of construction are factors that can affect the restoration results.

Foam Replacement

We have a large variety of foam grades to choose from with unique properties and styles. From high density sofa foam to memory foam for mattresses, you’ll find the foam you need here. With Custom Interiors & Covers you can be assured that you’ll always receive foam products made to the very highest standards. Whether your sofa cushions are sagging, car seats are looking a bit drab, or you're in need of new interiors for your boat, we are here to help.

Cleaning And Leather Restoration.

Over time, leather furniture loses its colour through constant use. Our leather restoration service in can restore your leather furniture to 'as good as new' condition in a day. We apply our leather furniture cleaning and restoration methods achieving an unrivalled, long lasting finish. With Leather furniture colour We offer a full leather colour match service, and our specially developed inks get your leather furniture looking as good as new. We can even revive your tired looking leather furniture in your own home, without the need to take it off site.

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