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Your local friendly foam suppliers.

Here at Custom Interiors & Covers we have a large variety of foam grades to choose from with unique properties and styles. From high density sofa foam to memory foam for mattresses, you’ll find the foam you need here. With Custom Interiors & Covers you can be assured that you’ll always receive foam products made to the very highest standards.

Our local family run workshop is equipped with a range of advanced foam cutting machinery. Coupled with a highly talented team of professionals, we can offer you foam products suitable for almost any application.

Our buyers are incredibly diverse – from the master upholsterers to the yoga practitioner, to the furniture manufacturer to the small-time crafter; each person seeking the perfect piece to suit their needs. Whether you’re searching for new cut to size inserts for your boat/motorhome or require custom made cushions and mattresses, our team has over 30 years experience to make sure you get what you need every time!

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